Princpal's Message

“Great things are accomplished by those who dream big and realize those dreams.”We learn to take up new challenges every minute and every day. It is true that great accomplishments originate from dreams transformed into reality.
We consider that truth, honesty, frankness sincerity and dedication from the foundation of education: those opportunities are endless but goal is one: motivated for excellence. We believe that we need to move forward to more contented and healthier road to progress and excellence. Meera Public School strives hard to give every student a complete upliftment in the overall development of student thereby shaping young minds that will form the nation tomorrow.

Over the years, there have been many changes that have moulded the life of the institution to meet the future with renewed dynamism and vision. Meera Public School education aims at making children capable of becoming responsible, productive and useful members of society.

We are very grateful to our parents for their sincere involvement in the school.Without their single-minded co-operation between the school and home we cannot offer the holistic education towards which we are striving; “Sarva Gunn Sampann”.
May the Almighty God bless all our endeavours

Binoy T. Jose